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 Please Note:  The members-only side of the Stray Goose website is intended to provide our membership with a "trip down memory lane" experience.  We have tried to make the experience as factual and historically correct as possible.  Some visitors to this area of the website might find some of the material contained therein to be offensive and, in some cases, downright disrespectful; especially when judged from the perspective of today's "woke" culture.  Remember, these were different times, with different perspectives, social mores, rules & regulations - surely NOT your Air Force of today! (one might even say, not even close to your Air Force of today!)

By signing into the members-only portion of the Stray Goose website, you agree to the following:

  1.  All information contained herein is considered restricted access for the exclusive use of SGI Members ONLY.  You MAY NOT SHARE it outside of the SGI membership.
  2.  You AGREE that all information contained herein is considered "non-attributable" (Not able to be attributed to a particular source or cause.)
  3.  You MAY NOT USE any information for any commercial purposes - e.g., customer/client solicitations, marketing, etc.
  4.  You MAY NOT USE any information as the basis of/for any legal/civil action against any SGI Member and/or the organization and its officers/employees/contractors/etc.

Failure to adhere to these use restrictions will be dealt with swiftly and firmly - remember the backgrounds of the organization and individuals that constitute our membership - SPECIAL OPERATORS: 



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