The Ultimate Price

"No greater gift can one give than his life for that of his fellow man."

This page is dedicated to those amongst us who have paid the ultimate price to protect our freedom.

(In missions involving the Chariot of Armageddon)

December 29, 1967

North Vietnam

Combat Talon 64-0547

Combat Talon Crew S-01

Major Charles P. Claxton - Pilot (S-05)
Major Donald E. Fisher - Navigator
Captain Edwin N. Osborne, Jr. - Pilot
Captain Frank C. Parker III - Navigator
Captain Gerald G. Van Buren - Pilot
Captain Gordon J. Wenaas - Navigator
Technical Sgt. Jack McCrary - Flight Engineer
Staff Sgt. Gean P. Clapper - Radio Operator
Staff Sgt. Wayne A. Eckley - Flight Engineer
Airman 1st Class Edward J. Darcy - Loadmaster
Airman 1st Class James R. Williams - Loadmaster
(subsequently, all enlisted crew members were posthumously promoted to E-9)

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December 5, 1972

Mid-Air Over The Skies of South Carolina

Combat Talon 64-0558

Staff Sgt. Claude L. Abbott - Flight Engineer
John R. Cole - Navigator, SG-4
Major Donald E. "Jug" Martin - Aircraft Commander, S-11
Rick Sert - EWO, S-26
Keith L. "Kiki" Van Note - Navigator, S-08
Staff Sgt. Billy Warr - Flight Engineer, S-26

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April 25, 1980

Desert One, Iran

Operation Eagle Claw

Major Richard L. Bakke - Navigator
Major Harold L. "Hal" Lewis, Jr. - Aircraft Commander, S-43

Plaque at Arlington National Cemetery honoring the deceased Iran raiders.

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February 26, 1981

Tabones Island, Republic of the Philippines

Combat Talon 64-0564

Combat Talon Crew S-59

Staff Sgt. Stephen A. Blyler - Radio Operator
Master Sgt. Barry R. Chumbley - Loadmaster
John T. "Jack" Felton - Flight Engineer
James M. Kirk - Aircraft Commander
Technical Sgt. Gary W. Logan - Loadmaster
Captain Norman L. Martel - Pilot
Thomas D. Patterson - Navigator
Gregory S. Peppers - Navigator

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June 12, 2002

Paktika Province, Afghanistan

Operation Enduring Freedom

Technical Sgt. Sean M. Corlew - Loadmaster

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March 31, 2005

Drizez Mountains, Albania

Joint Training Exercise

Combat Talon 87-0127

Technical Sgt. James R. Henry - Loadmaster

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In Tribute To All

Stray Goose International has an inscribed plaque (brick - shown above) within the All Veterans' Memorial located at Eglin Air Force Base, FL. Other Special Operations organizations have purchased inscribed bricks remembering their groups and SGI elected to do the same. For those who have not seen the All Veterans' Memorial, it was built and dedicated in 1996 to honor veterans from all conflicts. It's located on Eglin Boulevard overlooking Memorial Lake. It's a wonderful tribute to all who served.

(Source: "SGI Times", Summer 1997)

We hope these are the last entries ever to be made to this page. However, lest our enemies forget, America's Special Operations Forces are constantly prepared to attempt the impossible in the pursuit of freedom.

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