A Welcome From Papasan

Stray Goose International (SGI) is an organization bringing together those who served in Combat Talon units in the Pacific Theater over the past 5 decades. Beginning in 1966 with the original Stray Goose deployment from Pope AFB to CCK and through the years, thousands have been "Stray Geese".

Six previous squadron commanders formed SGI at Hurlburt in late 1993: Bob Pinard (71-75), Ray Turczynski (79-81), Terry Jahnke (85-87), T. J. Doherty (87-89),  Terry Silvester (89-90), and me (83-85). Today the organization is governed by a body of 12 board members, made up of command, aircrew and support personnel, all who serve voluntarily for the benefit of the membership. 

The "Short Blue Line"


Five of the founding fathers

Stray Geese Sly, TJ, Toad, Papasan and Ray T.

All are former 1st SOS Commanders. Photo taken following Ray T's last MC-130 flight, Clark AB, RP on April 18, 1989.

Our goal is to connect all aircrews, maintenance, CCT, and support personnel who were part of a Pacific Combat Talon unit, whether stationed at CCK, Nha Trang, Kadena, or Clark ('Heavy Chain' personnel included). We maintain a roster with over 1100 names, about half of which have current contact information. Our purpose is to help old friends reacquaint and catch up with what's happened over the years. Unfortunately, there aren't contacts for everybody, but the word is being passed - we add new names and contacts as get them.

Membership is open to those who are/have been assigned to a Pacific-based Combat Talon unit during their Air Force service.  Those who served in a direct supporting role (e.g., Maintenance, CCT, Aerial Delivery, etc.) are also eligible for membership. Additionally, we offer Associate (non-voting) membership for those who do not meet the regular membership criteria, but are supportive of the organization and special operations in general.  If interested in joining, simply notify me or fill out the on-line membership application. Those currently assigned to the 1st SOS receive free membership while stationed there. 

We meet in the Hurlburt Field area once each quarter (2nd weekend in January, April and July), with our annual reunion held over the Columbus Day weekend in October.  All our events are held in a casual setting with short business meetings. Look for details of recent activities and upcoming events via e-mail messages, Facebook postings, or in the Hot News section of our internet home page (www.straygoose.org).

Annual membership fees (currently $15/year or $40 for 3 years) are payable by 30 Jun, to cover our recurring expenses (supplies, postage, website and database maintenance, etc).  Each year, after all operating expenses are paid and adequate reserves are set aside, the Board of Directors will decide disposition of remaining funds.

The SGI organization has gained wide recognition and support.  The heritage of Combat Talon in the Pacific is strong -- the legends of Maynard the Duck, Big Red, and the hundreds of stories of camaraderie, heroism and service to our country are all worth sharing and saving.  As an organization, SGI is well known throughout the special operations community as a group that can be counted on to preserve AF and joint special operations history, goals and ideals. 

For more information on SGI, our heritage, news and upcoming events, visit our website (www.straygoose.org) or the Stray Goose International Facebook page.   You can also contact me at 850.240.0707 or at Papasan@mc130.com.  For database changes, notify our webmaster and database manager, Heather Lewis, at heather.lewis0567@gmail.com.  For 'snail mail' our address is:  SGI, PO Box 881, Shalimar, FL 32579. 

Hope to see you at our next event!


Lee Hess ("Goose 38/Goose 1, #15")